happy birthday baby girl


5 years ago an amazing thing happen. Not only did I become a momma, an amazing little girl was blessed to be mine.

These last five years have flown by and my how you have grown into your own person already. You are full of drama, humor, sassiness, and beauty.

I love that you argue with your dad that dandelions are weeds, that you say I love you every night, that you embrace life but still get shy sometime and just need your mommy. I love listening to you play. You are such a great big sister and such a great helper. You love your brothers but daily have a fight or two with Kenson right now mainly. You have nothing but hugs and kisses for Valen. You crack me up daily and amaze me with how much you already know about life and how you remember random facts that spill out at even more random times *smile*

I cant wait for what the next 5 years hold for you, but if you get a moment, slow down will you?!?!? You are growing up so fast and I am trying my hardest to savor every moment!!!

Happy birthday baby girl, momma loves you so!


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