I recently entered a giveaway. It was one of those that you had to actually write responses, and think about what to say to win. I love those. She had a great question: Do you think you are awesome? Why or why not. (I wont award this to someone who DOESNT think they are awesome)

And it got me thinking and I felt like sharing.

Reasons I am awesome:

I gave birth to two AMAZING kids who by all standards are normal, healthy, and pretty dang cute.

I create great messes and I am amazing at being able to ignore them for days (see the above picture) (My husband btw doesnt think this is such an awesome thing)

I make an awesome spinach quiche

I love to sing, and I dont care it is off key

I care about the planet

I love to hear other people's stories

I can curl my tongue (thanks genetics!)

give me a good book and a glass of lemonade and I am set for hours

I cry at the drop of the hat

I wear my heart on my sleeve

No matter how many times I get knocked down and I always get back up dust myself off and keep smiling.

So.... There you have it, what makes me awesome. What about you? What makes you awesome I would love to hear about it!!


bethany said...

The ability to confidently make a list of reasons why you're awesome? This makes you expontentially more awesome.

Why do we so often fear admitting our own worth? It's so strange.

Kudos to you...awesome for a million reasons! :)

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