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So here is a story for you all. When I was about oh 10 or so my sister and I would have races on the road we grew up on. We lived in a rural area and had a dirt road. So our parents had no issue letting us play out in the street *smile* So anywho back to the story, my sister and I would have races. One day my mom was out as the referee/judge as to who won the race (you know in case we had a photo finish) As she said go....I take off and as I am running my mom yells something out to me that I wont repeat verbatim since it is politically incorrect but the gist was I ran pretty damn funny. I slowed down, my sister beat me, and that was the last time I ran without being aware of how funny I run. (My mom doesnt read my blog, she doesnt even know how to get on the internet, but if she did, she wouldnt deny it I promise *smile* hi mom! love you!)

Fast forward 16 years and for the first time since childhood I ran, in front of people. Like REALLY ran I didnt care, if anyone was watching. The great thing about a gym is everyone is so focused on what they are doing that they didnt really care what I was doing or how I looked.

Want to know more about me? I always relate things in my life to a Friends episode. Its true ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you have the stories start with... remember that friends episode...so this moment in life is like the friends episode where Pheobe shows Rachel how she runs like a kid arms flaring in the air, just running and not caring. I didnt have my arms flaring but I was running without caring what people thought.

So to recap:
I run funny. I dont care anymore how funny my run is. I can relate my entire life to Friends Episodes ( I really miss that show!)

Have a great weekend. Do something just for you and dont care what others think. I dare you!


LeeAnn said...

When I was dating my husband he made a comment to me after I ran after something. He said, " You run like a girl." I said, "I am a girl." He replied, "No, even if you are a girl and someone says you run like a girl it's not a good thing." So I guess I run like a girl then.

Good luck with the running!

Jo said...

Aww I soooo love your blog, Stephanie. Its so real, such fun and really made me smile on a very grey day here in the UK.
Oh, gosh I'm leaping ahead of myself. Hi, I'm Jo and I believe we're going to be sharing Kelly-Rae's "flying" adventure together.
Looovely to meet you.
Hugs :0)


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I love Friends and that episode was really funny! Sometimes it's just fun to run all crazy like.

Kerri said...

i loved that episode of friends and loved the joyful, kidlike way phoebe was running anyway!

my husband tells me i barely pick up my feet when i run-- it doesn't feel that way tho! i'm a runner- i run everyday at a lake near my house. i so don't care what i look like. i know how good i feel after a long run...

sulu-design said...

Happy Mother's Day, Stef!

Funny that I came across this post this morning (a few days late). I just got back from a wonderful run around the river waterfront in Portland and feel exhilarated. I ran it in a pair of capri running pants (my husband calls them knickers) that I never would have worn a year ago... I believe I've gone on at great length about the self-consciousness I feel about my ankles and calves. Anyhow, my legs look the same as they did a year ago, but I've really been working on my attitude about my body image and have recently dared to leave the house in clothing that shows the parts I'm least comfortable with. And you know what? It's a lot more comfortable on warm days to run in capris instead of full-length pants. And if it feels better and keeps me doing something that's good for me and makes me feel amazing, who the heck cares what I'm wearing when I do it. I don't care what I looked like, and I doubt anyone else did either. Great post, and a great photo, too.

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