Encouraging Creativity

Ken and I both believe in letting our kids play with the same gadgets we do. So since Leila has been the age of 2 we have always let her and encouraged her to use our digital camera. Not some kid friendly camera but our camera. Luckily we have two cameras and the one Leila prefers happens to be mine so the bumps and bruises hurt Ken a little less. I have been keeping all of Leila's photos and hope to compile them into a blurb book someday for her to look back at and see how far she has come.

With technology comes some great gadgets to use, like the self timer. Leila has recently started using it and asked over the last few days for me to put the camera on the tripod so she could take some pictures. What comes of those pictures both make me laugh and cry. My baby is no longer a baby, but luckily for me she still lets me call her my baby. And says with so much pride to me daily, "i'm Momma's baby"

Yes sweetie, you will always be my baby, no matter what.


jacqueline said...

Oh my Leila is soo pretty and adorable! I too believe in encouraging creativity among little ones altho i dont have a little one of my own yet. So happy to have found your lovely space today. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just stopping by from Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons class. Looking forward to getting started!

take care,

Miriam xoxo
Blog - http://miriamkaye.typepad.com

Kerri said...

very cute. i love that you encourage that. who knows what she'll grow up to be, but i bet she'll be fearless!

see you in the flying lessons class! :)

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