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I have a craft show coming up in the beginning of June down in Chicago. I am super excited and I am looking to put my collage work on different items. I am super geeked about these coming in. Pocket mirrors!!! If they do well I will take requests for my other collages to be turned into mirrors as well. If you were to get one of these, would you want a bag/pouch to carry them in?

More exciting stuff to come!


Alisson said...

I really love the look of these! Did you use a button machine to make them? So cute and I love your collages! As you can tell from my art they are right up my alley! If I were buying these I would like a little pouch with them...perhaps one of those little organza pouches with a drawstring. Again, really cute!

Lila said...

I think they're darling buttons. I would totally put them on a tote bag. I think they'd look awesome!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

daintydaisies said...

I love these Stef! I have actually been looking for some for the shop. Let me know if you are interested! ;)

Kerri said...

very cute buttons. and yes, i like the idea of having a little pouch to carry them in.

sulu-design said...

Wait... mirrors, not buttons, right? If I had a mirror like this, I'd probably want to slip in in a pocket inside a purse or tote that I carry. I'd find a small pouch for it too much for me to deal with if I wanted to quickly check to see if I had spinach in my teeth or something. But I can definitely see other people wanting a cute little pouch for the mirrors, too. Can they be made as an optional accessory?

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