Weekend in Pictures


Display set-up begins.

So Many Magnets created (yay!) (Close-up pictures found in my flickr account)

Canvases prepped.

Lining fabric stacked.

Yummy wools cut up.

Thank you BFF for the great productive weekend. 18 days to go before Craftacular, I am getting there slowly but surely. Here is hoping my sewing machine still loves me and doesnt jam when the mad dash of sewing begins!!


daintydaisies said...

It looks great Stef! You look way more organized then me.. Oh I better get back to work! Lol!


sulu-design said...

Wow - you were seriously productive. And it looks like you got yourself set up to continue the productivity. Good for you. And good luck!

Maria said...

im hopfully going on a hunt this weekend to see if i can finde you some more stuff for your crafts hopefully i will have lots of presents for you when i see you next!

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