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Better Than Starbucks
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Here is a story about me. I met my husband online. Before it was cool or normal. It was almost 10 years ago. Today was the first time I met someone from online since Ken. Today though it was to meet a crafty friend.

It was one of those meetings that I just felt that I could talk to her so easily. We know so much about each other in just the hour meeting over coffee.

Life has been a little rocky around here lately so I am grateful to have made a new friend who doesnt think I am crazy when I see yummy fabric and instinctively want to roll around in it!

Steph, (btw she runs a great fabric store!) it was great meeting you!

(not the starbucks we met at but a pretty picture none the less!)


Rosa said...

That is awesome. I've made a lot of great blog friends that I've never met. People that were generous to me and my kids. It is wonderful to take the time and actually meet in person. And it is wonderful that you and hubby met online and have such a long relationship with two beautiful kids. Lovely!

sulu-design said...

So fun that you met a blog friend in person! Isn't it amazing how this tool has brought so many people together? Even in marriage!

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