A deeper meaning to christmas lights?


Vintage Christmas Bokeh 2008
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So I have been sort of thrown lately by the amount of houses that have Christmas lights already up in my neighborhood. I mean it isnt even Thanksgiving yet!

It hit me today as I watched a family watching their dad put up the lights, this has been a rough year for a lot of families and Christmas lights and the thought of Christmas cheer in general is a silver lining in a really hard year. Plus it shows a closing of a year. A year a lot of people are ready to say good bye to and welcome in a new year with hopes of change and easier times. I mean December isnt even here yet and I am already considering the year over. I guess though I shouldnt rush the closing of the year. I am trying really hard to slow down and really enjoy the holidays this year. With a toddler that shouldnt be too hard to do!

I am guilty as charged too though, I bought a magazine in October about holiday decorating, but shhh that is just our little secret.


Meg said...

We have one house in our neighborhood that used to have gigantic Halloween decorations up--until the Xmas lights went up on Nov.1. This year, no Halloween decorations, so I thought we'd get a break from the two-month Xmas display. No such luck. There they were on Nov. 2, hanging the lights and the giant wreath.

As difficult as this year has been for us (hubby employed for 5 months), I'm not ready to rush through the season! I'd like to spend more time and effort on actually giving thanks for all of our blessings. And then I'll hang my lights and wreath on Dec. 1!

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