Count down begins


Craftacular is this weekend! Oh and did I mention I am doing a second craft show next weekend in my hometown, Manitowoc. EEK. I still have a ton to do (like sew oh 50 purses or so, wish me luck folks!!!) most of my collage work is done besides the big canvases so I feel slightly at ease but ask me again on Friday night. I did take off Wednesday so I have a full day to take advantage of Leila in preschool and Ken taking care of the baby. I am really hoping I get a majority done that day. I have just a few things left (cutting out purse straps, my least favorite part) to get the prep work done so the assembly line sewing may begin. I am super excited about the purses though I have some cute stuff if I do say so myself!!!!

And because I couldnt resist, Kenson has been having a few rough days lately, more teeth I am suspecting. Sleep has been minimal around these parts and the poor guy finially couldnt take it any longer and fell asleep in his bouncer! I am glad Ken was able to take the picture it breaks and melts my heart all in one swoop!

Ok back to work! If I dont get a chance, happy thanksgiving to the US readers, and happy week to the rest of you out there!


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