Today I....

A new series to remind me all that happens in a single day and to remind myself (especially on those yucky days) how thankful I am for all that I have!

Today I....

Shook more hands in one hour than I do in a week.

Was reminded to turn from temptation and trust in the journey I am meant to live no matter how difficult.

Made homemade baby wipes!

Vacuumed at least three times

Laundry...there's always laundry

Cuddled lots (with all 3 kiddos at some point today)

Played in the snow

Had my football loving heart broken over my packers :(

Started reorganizing my art area

Uploaded new images on my website (more on that later)

Started working on a custom order

Realized I had even more fabric than I I have to sort and only allow myself one tote (out of 8+!)

Did a lot more than I realized on what I thought was a bust of a day!!


Jenn said...

ugh.. i agree, that laundry is never ending. And there's always, always dishes that need to be washed. Such is life :)

I really like this new feature, I may post one of these on my blog.

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