My gift to me!

I have a few (ok a lot) artist crushes (which we can go over in better detail later). This year I vowed I would buy myself a piece of art from an artist I am crushing on. I have been crushing on Danielle Daniel from Her Painted Word for awhile now. This last year she has grown leaps and bounds professionally and she has been sharing her journey. I look up to her as an artist, woman, and mama.

She is doing this great series for the new year of tiny paintings that have a secret word/phrase in each painting, a fortune if you will. I am all about the calling of the universe and I figured, I have been crushing on her work for a year, the packaging was ubber cute, and tie in a universal positive message.... Im in!
My message says: You must give your own story to the world. Which for me means and in my world it is time to stop focusing so much on how other's artwork looks like and keep embracing who I am and how my soul portrays my art. So thank you Danielle and thank you universe *smile*Link
Besides the one painting I bought another itty bitty painting. Just for size comparison the painting on the right is one I finished up last night, (which plug: up on my site: which is an 8x8 painting.

I love these little paintings, Ken just brought home some 4x4 chipboard for me.... I think I may have to try a tiny painting soon. 8x8 has always been my comfort zone... just the right size. Not too big so I am scared I am not filling in the space enough, not too small that I have to be good with details so to speak. But new year... new challenges right? 4x4 originals are on the "to-do list" for this year!

Do you have an artist crush? Show them some love, by a piece of art! And share in the comments who you crush on, I am always looking to lengthen my art crush list!


danielle daniel said...

Dearest Stefanie, there were so many awwws... going on while I was reading this! SO happy that you love them and that the secret wish had a special meaning for you.

Thank-you dear girl for sharing my little itty bitty paintings made with so much TLC with the world. My heart just filled up to the brim reading this post.

Sending you heaps of LOVE in 2012 and knowing with absolute certainty that you are going to shine bright and beautifully all year long! You have managed to light me right up already! xoxo

PS. I TOTALLY love your painting.

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