How do you do it?

(it should be noted I have been trying to get this post up for a week now...thanks to a crappy internet connection it has been an undertaking..just had to get that off my chest!!)

The biggest question I get asked when people find out I have three little ones all under the age of 5 is.... How do you find the time to paint?!?!?!

First off I make it a priority and because of that I have a mountain high pile of clean and dirty laundry, dishes stay in the sink longer than my hubby would like, and dinner may burn
everyonce and awhile *smile*

Now for a lot of creative mamas I know that the wee hours of the night are prime making time but for me it is a different story. All of my kiddos have never been great sleepers and really use me as a comfort device. Especially Valen who once I get down for the night if I am not by his side (we are co-sleepers) in about 30 minutes he wakes up screaming and upset that he has been left alone and figures I am gone forever.

Because of that I have gotten much more creative with my art time and the kids are all involved now in the art.

So somedays if the older two are entertaining each other I put the baby in the sling and paint away.

Painting with mom
But a lot of the time I paint with the kids. So here are my tips to make creative art time a fun and stress free one for both mama and kiddo. Remember.... art is meant to be fun.... if its not, sorry to say but you are doing it wrong!

Tip #1

Buy a super cheap plastic tablecloth and use it for creative play time. This is one that if paint spills all over you wont get upset about it. Afraid to spill some paint.... paint on the table cloth mess it up and the tension will magically leave! Plus this makes for a quick clean up... once done painting fold it back up put it in your art storage and pull it out for the next creative play time.

Tip #2


Trust in the mess. Dont fear it. Let the kids enjoy playing. I let my kids use my cheap acrylic paints. They wash out of skin, hair and clothes in my experience.


Want to spark their creativity. Get a handful of cars, trucks, etc. I get mine from a thrift store, what you want to focus on is the wheels the cooler the "tread marks" the better.



Let them roll them in the paint and marvel in the cool textures they create!

And this is why I suggest getting a few cars from a thrift store for "painting only". Because this will almost always happen....Painted Cars!!!



And when you are done I clean up the wheels as best as I can dry and set aside for our next creative project.

Do you have any tips for making art with kids? I would love to hear them!!


Creatively yours Fi said...

Hi Stefanie, wow that's great that you can still do your art with three!! I have one (a three yr old)& find it difficult...i involve her in most Art activities but never seem to get as much done as I'd like. You are right about making it a priority!! I love the car daughter had a reaction to some paints recently which scared me. She is particularly sensitive though I might get her some gloves. She generally wants to do everything I'm doing. I've recorded some of our activities through my blog.:)

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