Weak stomachs.... Look away


I'll warn you now, if blood and things of that nature make you squeamish I suggest you stop reading today's post and wait for a pretty non-medical tomorrow!

Now onto the gore! *smile*

That my friends is my gall bladder (the PAC man looking thing) and those raisin looking things it is eating..... gall stones!!

Hope I didn't ruin your meal!! I am now in recovery. Things are going well my liver levels were still high as I left the hospital but they let me go so they must not be too worried yet, I will probably have at least one more blood draw to confirm the levels are still going down after I finish my antibiotics!

So that was my labor day weekend.... how was yours???


freebird said...

Wow, it was full of those nasty little ol' things. My husband just found out via a cat scan post cancerous-kidney removal that his stomach aches are gall stones. So far, he isn't doing anything about it except to stop eating eggs all the time. I should show him the picture! Glad they let you come home.

Nelly said...

WOW! I have never seen a full gall bladder before. Looks painful! Hope you are feeling better and have plenty of recoup time in Jane's class! See you there!

Sue J said...

I'm sure that's better out than in! Hope you are soon back in full health :)

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