This name momma...


Life has been changing a lot over here. A lot more focus in the home and so much less on the rest of the world.

This little blog of mine and why I blog has crept to my thoughts before I turn in for the night more on the lines of.... Man I need to update, it's more for me honestly. I have the worst memory and as fast as the kids are growing those little but so important moments are quickly forgotten!

(all passed out after a long day!)

We have changed our "house rules" 1 movie a day is allowed (the kids don't really watch Tv) and for me I am limiting my night time TV. In the big picture I won't remember what TV show I was watching 5 years ago but I will remember the look on Leila's face the first time she reads from a book on her own. And those moments are worth their weight in gold!

(eating together another change)

We are eating as a family, we are taking walks, we are doing art projects at night. Bottom line I am becoming the momma I always wanted to be. I am thankful everyday that I have blessed with what i have and I need to start showing my gratefulness instead of just talking about it.

There will still be lots of goofing off around these parts, I can't wait to look back and see how this space grows along with my kiddos!!

Love you all! Now go do something that matters to you today!!


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