To have a time machine

My dad sent me an amazing gift today. He sent me a time machine message. Basically he had kept an email that I had sent him the first week I was in collage. 9 years ago, man time flies. I now need to keep random notes and letters from my kids to share with them after that time has flown by. Would you like to join me in my time machine? Here is the letter:

Hey dad

well second day is over with. College books are
EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek but i am doing alright i
am expecting to FINALLY get my checks from Younkers in
Manitowoc so that is really cool.
I had this awesome class today that is basically all
hands on experience to see if i truly want to become
an engineer so i am looking forward to it this
well i am glad you are doing alright because i have
heard some stories about people not regaining all of
there feeling and use in one arm and so on.
hey did you hear on the news what happen on campus?
one of the spinkler heads went off in one of the dorm
rooms and people were evacuated for one day it seems
that some really tall guy was balancing a basketball
on his head and try to stand up with made him hit the
sprinkler and it got stuck on. LOL it thought it was
I hope the dog does find a good home. it is a shame
you guys can't keep her.
OH! i need a favor i need to find out when we (as a
family) usually go up for christmas to moms side and
when is Christmas for your parents. i am just asking
because well i have to take off of work already and
ken and i have to figure out our schedules. oh. plus
i have an exam at 7 pm the last day of classes LOL
lucky me. speaking of math the class is really easy
and i am taking just as a refresher course. most of
my classes don't actually seem that challenging so i
am excited about that.
Are you busy with the Japan account now or is even
more work coming in?
oh i am for sure coming home on the 28 i get done
with classes at like 10 in the morning so i should be
home early that day and also i will go home the next
can you do me a favor and see if maria has picked up
my year book at school yet. and tell her to e-mail me
sometime i miss talking to her.
The bus is alright just something new to learn it
takes me about 30 mins from school to home which is
less then it would take me to bike since the route i
was going to take is considered unsafe.
I am thinking about going skydiving there is a club
on campus and i think that would be an awesome thing.
also ken and i might in the winter take a course at
the community center together.
You can either e-mail me here or at i check both daily so it
doesn't really matter to me much either way.

I love you guys and i will see you soon


So what would I tell this girl from 9 years into the future. #1 that math class sucked and I had to take it a second time (math NOT my strong suit) #2 Engineering wasnt my path but I did enjoy those classes a lot. But more importantly, time flies, life never goes the way you expect it to, enjoy every second of the bumpy ride!

Love you guys!! Now I have to start building my kids time machines to show their future grown up self.


Rebecca Beagle said...

As I read along, I realized that you must be from Wisconsin and went to Madison, but you blew my mind when you talked about the engineering course (it was EPD 160, right?). I was one of the upperclassmen assistants for that class 2000-2002 (engineering was my path... for a while). I'm curious: do you remember what your project was?

Anyhow, enough with the randomness. I can't remember how I stumbled on your blog a while ago, but I enjoy it.

Artsy Momma said...


the project I was involved in was the education center for the habitat for humanity restore. My TA that I remember was Preston (only reason I remember that was his first name was the last name a good friend of mine)

Small world!

Rebecca Beagle said...

Hmm, that project rings a bell. I never took that class myself, but I had a lot of fun working on it.

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