I cant believe I am saying this


Credits for the picture here. (Oh if I could only get Ken to agree to a van like this!)

Ken and I have decided. We need to get a minivan. Ugh. I swore up and down during my teenage years I would never drive A) a station wagon and B) a minivan. Dad it looks like I am eating my words!

So it is a daunting task picking out a new vehicle and I would love to hear the rants and raves you all have for your minivans. Right now we are leaning towards the town and country. I would love to hear any suggestions or horror stories to help make the decision a little easier!


Rosa said...

we have a town and country. leather seats. two TVs for viewing in second and third row. Satellite radio and TV. Second row captains chairs swivel and lock. Table can be put in center of vehicle. third row goes down. Drives wonderfully. I am leasing ours, and I plan to purchase it because it has been the best choice for our family. I wish you luck in making your decision.

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