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I dont think I have ever shared my cubby! I had this made by a co-workers husband this past summer when I saw one similar in Pottery Barn Catalog and didnt want to pay the hefty price tag. I love it so! I have plenty more kitsch to fill up probably another one of these but for now I will be happy to have this one on those days I get to work from home!


Kelley BO said...

I love it! I bought a cubby from Ikea earlier in the year to attempt to organize our toys. It took Adam and I about 5 days to get it together, and blood was shed. Yours LOOKS well made (ours LOOKS like it's from Ikea) and is something you can keep forever and pass down. Love it!

daintydaisies said...

Love it.. Love it! I almost bought another polaroid like yours just because of the rainbow! ;) Your collection of vintage mugs is adorable too. I have a little collection of my own!

sulu-design said...

You've got a fun little collection going on in there. And I love that the cubby is handmade by someone you know. So much better than the pricey one from a big box, right?

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