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I am trying to draw! I will admit when it comes to the "fine art" stuff I have always left that to my uber talented sister. She has always been the drawer/painter in the family. After starting to do some collage work a bug has been bitten and I really want to try drawing and painting. I am already taking a few online classes and I am hoping to do a few retreats and other classes to really grasp the skills and start growing this next year. For never drawing/shading/using color pencils. I am pretty happy with my first 15 minute sketched thing-a-ma-bob drawing!


Jackie said...

I followed your blog from fab faces at willowing. I am new too and have been taking lots of workshops and plan to take more this year. I had never drawn either and can't remember it as a child, but I fell in love with mixed media and faces and in the new year I plan to focus and learn much more. I look forward to getting to know you !

bethany said...

Look at you, little Miss Artist! :)

I wholeheartedly support your desire to draw...I had to take a basic drawing class this last semester while I worked towards my interior design degree, and honestly it was so good for the heart. I'd never considered myself a talented artist, and still don't really, but there truly is so much creative heart-searching and struggle that comes with drawing...something that it's hard to believe any other creative activity could give you. I never thought I'd enjoy or learn so much as I did with my one-semester class. I'm still not great, but I now find beauty in my sub-par scrawlings that prior to the class I never would have.

Your work looks so lovely :) Best of luck on conquering the pencil and paintbrush in 2010...keep us updated! :)

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