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Look what I can do!!!! My amazing and uber crafty (though she wont admit it) Staci taught me how to crochet this past weekend. I am enternally grateful. I have tried to teach myself, had my aunt show me, read books, and watched countless you tube videos. Staci is without a doubt the best teacher! I would source her out but I dont think she would be my friend any longer if I did that.

I like how it goes on the tree so nicely (yep tree is up but no ornaments as of yet) Ken isnt thrilled but he still isnt sold on the white tree to begin with *smile*
Staci thanks again (she stalks my blog! hehe) love you!!!


Jovani's Momma said...

ha ha stalked you again... the square looks good as a single ornament... *laughs*
keep it up and next time we will work on flowers.. *laughs*

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