Off balance


I am having a sort of off balance week this week. I dont know what fog has come around me but I cant seem to figure out up from down. Health wise and spirit wise I am fine, but in general I just feel off. Do I sound crazy?!?!?!

Part of the fog I am going to guess is from my lack of sleep. See the little man, the one who seems to cling on to me for dear life. Yep, he has 6 teeth coming in all at once. Poor little man. Regardless of my lack of sleep I will be fine, my job right now is to be a good momma. A good momma means comfort nursing at all hours of the night. And I will do it with a smile on my face and just forewarn everyone around me I am off balanced for awhile!


Rosa said...

My older two never had teething problems. They slept through the night during those eruptions. But Baby #3 is now 11 months and finally has her first two teeth. Late, I know, which happened with the oldest, so I wasn't concerned. The concern came when I wanted to sleep and had to ply her with Motrin every night so we could both rest. I am a bit frightened about the top two, which are dramatically close. Good luck to your little one. I hope you both get your needed rest and comfort.

Brochure Printing said...

The lack of sleep is probably the culprit! Try to take some naps in between, like when your little man's asleep too. Just so your body gets a little refreshed and rested. Take care!

sulu-design said...

I'm right there with you - feeling healthy and good overall, but in a bit of a fog myself, and I think lack of sleep is the culprit. I hope you can sneak in some naps this weekend and get to feeling better.

Jennifer Ramos said...

I don't have a baby....yet...Your so lucky to have yourself a little boy with such a cute face :)
I hope to start having one in a year in a half...we'll see...and then I'll be searching out all the blog mommies :)

Jen Ramos

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