How the heck?!?!


I have been graced with an amazing happy baby boy. I honestly think he was given to me at a time that god knew my life would be at a high stress level time and to even out the cards I was dealt he would give me a happy go lucky little person to ease it all. I am thankful, lucky, and blessed. This little man smiles on his worst and best days a thousand times a day. He radiates and makes everyone else happy. I want to eat him up and remember these moments as they happen clear as day 50 years from now. I was going to wait to post these closer to his 9 month milestone but I figured I would spread the happy love around!


Kelley BO said...

He's just as cute as his sister :-)

PicturesFromMe said...

Steffy i think me and Monkey should come and viset soon. Are you going to be around for Thanks Giving? Miss you email me soon! Love ya!

Print Brochures said...

What a very sweet post. Someday, I want to feel that way also. Whenever I'm tired and I see my younger cousins, they never fail to take away the stress. They are the best! Thank you for sharing this post about your cute little boy! Really cute!

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