I have a craft show coming up, the weekend of Thanksgiving. I am slightly worried. Time hasnt been on my side. Creepy girl was made this weekend. She wasnt intended to be creepy but I have a feeling Halloween and the mood I have been in lately created Creepy Girl. Hopefully someone will love Creepy Girl, she is pretty in her own creepy way I think.

What are your thoughts? Would you hang her up in your own home?


Print Brochures said...

I would. I think that it is really wonderful. I love the choice of colors and I love how it was carefully made, I can tell by the details. I agree, she's very pretty in her own creepy way.:) Nice work!

Danetta said...

I think she is beautiful! I am pretty sure I had that dress back in the day.

Rose Lynn said...

Wait, whats creepy about her!? I think she is fantastic! I would totally hang that in my house! I love it! =)

PicturesFromMe said...

steffy i love this pic and want it NOW! love ya!

Raru said...

I think that is wonderful :-)
Good job :-) and thanks that you share it.


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