For Today


I am thinking... I really should purchase a family pass to our local "pool"

I am thankful for... being a momma

From the kitchen... started eating a more organic/local diet. Loving it!

I am wearing... business attire, and my favorite kitten heels

I am creating... a few quilt squares, and dreaming of paintings

I am going.. to buy some distressing ink

I am reading.. the second book in the twilight series

I am hoping... to get my hair cut and dyed very soon

I am hearing... the AC kicking in at the office

Around the house... we got new curtains in the kitchen, such a difference

One of my favorite things... is spending my evenings with my kids

A few plans for the rest of the week... work until Friday, chill out in the AC as much as possible, 90's & 100's dont agree with me, too hot!

A picture to share...

(because of the weather we have half "nay-nay" kids around here)


Jovani's Momma said...

I love coming to your blog... it always puts a little smile on my face. It always maked me want to be a better person... Eat better things do more.... make more. create more. thanks for the uplifiting feeling!

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