You will have to excuse me but I am WAY behind on this phenomena but now that I have read the first book (in a day) and have watched the movie twice (in three days) I am 100% hooked and all I can think about is reading the next in the series.


Laura said...

I didn't get much sleep either when I discovered the series!

Mindy Kuen said...

I got 100% hooked too......Ended up reading the series in a couple weeks....

I didn't love the movie so much though....but movie #2 comes out in November!

And when you need your "fix" and you're done with the books there are 12 chapters of "midnight Sun" out in internet world - It's Twilight from Edwards view!

Taiya said...

Better not google that New Moon trailer, then! Otherwise you will be like me and go check it out 3, 4, 100 times!

Anonymous said...

I read the first in a day as well, but giggled my way through the movie.

Stop at book 3, however. Book 4 ruined it for me.

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