With everything that has been going on lately I needed to re-evaluate and get back to my creativity. For me and probably a lot of other people who consider themselves creative when you stop being creative for any amount of time there seems to be a big hole in your self being.

I decided instead of diving back into sewing I would step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I found this class and dove in. I have never painted or done many collages before because I felt I wasn’t good at it. I know that any craft it takes time to really find your own rhythm and that it is not a good idea to compare yourself to any other artists work, it always will make you feel inadequate. So I went in with just the hopes to take the lessons that were given and learn how to use new materials, and have myself come out in my work.

For a first piece I am pretty happy with this. Plus I am really excited to stretch myself into a new medium and just create to create.


Mindy Kuen said...

That is a great thing to take a new class....I hope you have fun and am glad to "read" things are going well for you.

silversmith said...

your collage looks great - i should give that sort of thing a try. i've been stuck in a rut of red/white/blue lately, even though it's all towards a great cause. i need something just for me.

your box came today and what a great surprise!! it's full of so many wonderful items that i either use or should try. i'm going to have some fun with it! thank you!!!

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