1. bubble gum pink quilt #1, 2. Pink Cabinet - Drawers, 3. all pink all the time, 4. Pink Sweet Hearts, 5. Pink Squares, 6. ~maive~, 7. Nikon Film, 8. vintage tea set with cupcake, 9. Pawnee Pink Sherbert Sunset, 10. Rose shabby chic cupcake, 11. Dutch Delight, 12. La Vie en rose, 13. ~Eyes~, 14. pink gadgets, 15. Spot the pinks, 16. My Pink flowers, 17. Pink for the Cure, 18. eMPeRoR, We HaVe JoDa, He HiDeS HiMSeLF iN a PiNK BuNNY CoSTuMe, 19. 3 different pink eyechips, 20. Vintage Pink Bottle Brush Christmas Tree ~ Shabby, 21. This Heart is Pink!, 22. New pink wellies for green wellies!, 23. pink Christmas, 24. my favourite pink doll shoes, 25. Pink Easter twig, 26. Passionately Pink for the Cure, 27. Pink Tulip Field, 28. Pink and green, 29. Pomegranate in pink, 30. whisper baby pink, 31. Pink Cadillac, 32. shake it up {pink style}, 33. Crafting 365, day 173 - pink teacups, 34. Romantic Pink Mosaic, 35. THINK PINK (mosaic monday), 36. Pink mosaic

On May 30, 2009 I will be walking in a 5K to raise funds to support the Komen Madison Race for the Cure® on May 30, 2009 in the fight against breast cancer.

I have been personally affected by breast cancer. Two of my good friends from high school have lost their mothers to the disease. This cause if very near and dear to my heart.

Click here to visit my personal page and pledge your support.

Money is tight for everyone I know. Any little bit you can donate will do nothing but good.

Thank you so much for your time and support in the fight against breast cancer! Every step counts!


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