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I have been absent a lot lately. Mostly it was due to stress. Stupid stress I will admit. Car stress. The engine on my semi-old (2002) decided to stop working and was basically deemed un-fixable. To replace the engine and have the work done on it at a mechanic's shop it was going to be in the $4000 range. A lot of money we didnt & don't have. In enters my mechanically inclined dad. He bought the engine for us (which we are paying him back for) and he and my uncle got to work.
Dad in the plaid, my uncle in the blue. It took them a day to get my engine ready and back in the car.
This little piece, dont ask me what is it, but basically it came loose and fell into my engine screwing the whole thing up! As sucky as this whole situation was I am glad it wasnt my fault and no maintenance would have helped even though we do routine maintenance on the car!

There she is back as one whole piece. After a month of not having my car I am so glad to have her back.
We have been back up to my parent two weekends in the last three weekends. Just this last weekend we got to go back home to pick up Ken's car. A car that we haven't been able to drive since Leila was born. Bless my dad so not only did he fix my car he also towed Ken's car over 2.5 hours so he could fix his too. Needless to say my parents are going to be spoiled for Christmas this year!


Sarah and Jack said...

Hey lady! I lost you freaking blog address in the great computer crash, but I've found you again.


Glad to hear you have wheels again!

Rose Lynn said...

Yahoo for Dads!! =D does this mean we will actually see eachother before our kids graduate? ;)

Anonymous said...

So cool your dad fixed it! Car trouble is never cool , but it's over no-yay!

Danetta said...

Glad you dad and uncle could fix your car. I hate car trouble myself.

Stop over at my blog, I'm having a giveaway starting tomorrow and so are about 40 others.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's a piston. DH rebuilds car engines for a living. Usually I hear blah blah blah when he's talking about cars lol.

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