Enjoy the change

I have always been the type of person to rush things. When I get something in my head I want it now, I want it finished, I want the end result end of story. I dive head first without any reserves and have blinders on. I am the same when it comes to the season changes. Being in Wisconsin we get to experience all of the seasons to my dismay though in Wisconsin in a week you can experience all four seasons and it is rather normal. This is not good for my I have to have it now mentality.

Every year I battle with I cant wait for (enter in season) to be here. Only problem is once I am in that season for awhile I long for the season that just passed. I caught myself the other day going I cant wait for fall. Not the cold wet fall that it turns into but the transition fall the cool, need a light jacket, weather.

I had to stop myself, to tell myself while the calendar is saying it is now fall we are still getting temps in the high 70’s. Perfect weather for summer dresses, lots of bubbles, and tricycle riding. Weather perfect for Leila to play for hours and hours.

So this weekend I kicked myself hard, said enjoy it whiles it here, by next summer she will be so much bigger, I only get this last summer with her, just her as her perfect 2 year old self (tantrums included) so I need to stop rushing.

Fall will be here before I know it and I will be missing warm summer nights.


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