how to keep a creative momma from going crazy

Leila has always done her own thing. Walked when she wanted to. Started to talk when she felt good and ready (each day more and more words are coming out its thrilling to me!), the only thing I have really pushed on her (and that is the wrong way to word it) is creative outlets. Now at 2 she needs constant stimulation, she loves her telletubies but we are severely cutting back the TV time (which means my computer/sewing time has been cut back as well) and I need to come up with new activities to keep her busy while I don’t go out of my mind with boredom.
So the other day I brought out the watercolors. The best craft activity to date if I do say so myself. She was content painting for a good hour and most of that time was painting with mostly water and a little paint (her choice not mine). And the clean-up? Spic and Span no issues what-so-ever. With the growing need of independence Leila has been playing more and more dress up, as well as changing her clothes sometimes three times daily. She is a pretty clean kid in general so it doesn’t worry me. I love seeing her layering her clothes, and backwards/inside style cracks me up everytime!

We also made some homemade play dough for a birthday present that Leila had so much fun making and playing with before I sent it off that I think that will be in order next week. Now I just need to stock up on cookie cutters!


Lindsay said...

Her artwork is very pretty. I need to do more creative projects with my daughter. I'm still waiting for her to get out of the eating crayons and shoving finger paints in her ears stage.

I enjoyed your fabric choices for your purses in your previous post. It'll be neat seeing the finished product.

Stacey said...

I love water colors...and they are so easy to clean up. :)

Kelley BO said...

We started going to a playgroup in town, sponsored by the Exchange Family Resource Center. They have a playgroup every Wed/Fri for 1.5 hours. There are a lot of other kids there, so our guy really enjoys it.

The first day we went, they had one of those tables that's used for sand or water. They had it filled with bird seed, and had cups, buckets, spoons and other stuff in there for the kids to play with the seed with. My guy LOVED it! Today that was the first thing he went for.

I stopped at Wally World and bought a Sterlite container that's about 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and about 6 inches deep, and a bunch of bird seed. OK, truth be told I screwed up and bought hamster seeds but it'll still work. Tomorrow we're going to hit Vinnie's to try and find some neat toys for him to play with while using it.

The best part is it will clean up MUCH better than sand, and I don't think it's toxic if he happens to eat a seed or thirty. With his hair, getting sand out of it SUCKS, but this will be awesome.

Plus the container has a lid he can't get off so when it's not "play time" he can't get into it. It's light enough that even *I* can carry it outside on nice days, but I don't think it'll be an issue to play with on the floor during winter.

Leila might enjoy something like that. If we ever get together for another playdate (hint hint), she can experiment with ours. The whole thing cost me under $15. I'll have to get more seeds as time goes on, of course, but that's OK.

Amy said...

It's one of the hard parts for me too. Helping them to keep busy and nurturing their need to do stuff by themselves while still needing help - AND being busy myself. As a momma of a ten year old (and a 1 year old) I can tell you from experience that it gets easier. Before you know it - you'll be begging her to hang out with you and paint!

sulu-design said...

Of course you have one creative little girl! Your recent posts of your daughter have been unbelievable adorable. I hope that you're finding time to take care of yourself, too.

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