(Work in progress, to be revealed soon!)

The countdown is on. Craftacular the big craft show I have been lucky enough to get into is this Sunday. To say Im freaking is an understatement but that my friends is a whole different blog post. While my Inspired Art Girls are coming along just fine (havent made as many as I would like but I am not going to dwell) I do feel time setting in and I am having nightmares I will show up at the show and have nothing to show (literally I have had that dream twice now).

So whats a girl to do.... well for me deadlines can really get my creative flow going I am in the motion I am cranking out piece after piece and then sometimes WHAM! a block hits me and I cant create a thing worth a dime. While I dont feel I am at that wall hitting point I do feel that I lost my mojo in there and with that I start to focus less on what to get done and how I can waste my precious little amount of time I have each night.

So in an effort to waste my time tonight I went blog hopping. You know check out what others are doing in there life, tutorials they are sharing, art they are making basically the opposite of me at that moment. Within that blog hop I found a tutorial that hit me over the head, excited me like nothing else and I got to work creating.... Am I crazy, possibly. But I can tell you this if you stop by Craftacular I will let you decide if the new pieces are an epic fail, or epic success!!! (that is if I can get them done in time *smile*)


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