Letting go


I have been whiny a lot lately about the lost of my creative mojo. I think why I am so upset about it is that it was gone for so long and when it came back it was the best feeling in the world. It last for a good solid month and then poof it was gone again. I think because I have a deadline over my head it has made it even worst. I want to create, make amazing pieces but I feel in that horrible all too familiar rut again.

Because of that I love to watch my kids paint. They dont care about the end, they dont care if the are coloring in monotone, they dont have horrible gremlins in the background saying your art isnt good enough, it will NEVER be as good as so and so's. I had taken a class about creative play and paint once and now I can never watch my kids paint the same way again.

I am trying, I am going to allow myself to paint freely with no purpose no end result. Just paint, glue, and color what feels right and makes me happy.
Hopefully soon I will be posting again about the amazing creative rush I am having. Until then I will just keep playing and hope that my key to creative bliss is creative play *smile*


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