Little man has discovered his fingers! We have our third thumb sucker in a row. Valen turned 4 months on Monday. Time is flying by, to help the time go even faster Kenson has been fairly sick on and off and we dont really have a reason yet, lots of doctor visits and specialists await us. With that, the stress I have from daily life and a few other things my creative mojo that was here fast and strong has suddenly disappeared.

I have been nursing the creativity to come back with baby steps. Cutting paper, prepping canvas, doing other types of creative acts, like cooking. I dont want to force creativity because I get nothing but crude at the same time I have a BIG craft show at the end of July and need to get my butt in gear!

So that is where I am at, besides the whole to blog or not to blog debate a lot of people seem to have every once and awhile. I am even thinking about taking a technology break for the rest of the summer but not sure if that is the right thing for me. See deep thoughts going on in this head *smile*

So until the creative mojo is back you will probably just hear a lot of unconnected posts, promise to still love me!


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