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So I have been elbow deep in glue, paint and paper. Tonight I will be elbow deep in fabric. I am a featured artist this Friday at the Bohemian Bauble, in Madison WI. So if you are from the area and a blog reader please stop by I would love to meet you! And if you cant make it send me some happy vibes would you?!?!? So for the rest of the week I figured I would feature some of my collage work I have been working on. I am really proud of these! Just over the last year I feel like I am finally growing and getting my groove going with my art per say. Also I have a few new purses I am SUPER excited about so if I can get some good photos of those this week (thank goodness for day lights saving and extra sun time!) I will show those as well.

Fly Away 8x10 on Canvas


sulu-design said...

Sending happy vibes! Sending happy vibes! Congratulations on being featured, and have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing how it goes...

beki said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you! I wish I were close enough to attend :-)

Mindy Kuen said...

I hope you have a great night at the Bauble.....I LOVE the girl picking yarn out of the tree - if you ever make one with spools of thread I want dibs!!

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