Change, its a comin'


I cut and colored my hair this weekend. It has been a long time coming. More changes are coming. I am going to be a member to a gym by the end of the week (a first in my life), there is a tattoo in the works. Just a lot of surface things but they really do go deeper than that. I want my appearance to reflect how I feel in the inside. More bigger changes are coming I can feel em!

I love Spring, change is all around. Change no matter what people say isnt always a bad thing!


sophie said...

Do people really say change is bad? "Change is good" is my mantra ;-)

Have fun with your changes; I'm sure they're going to look great on you.

sulu-design said...

I could feel it coming since the post from last week...
Wishing you the best with all of the changes - from the surface ones to the ones that run deeper. Good for you for looking inwards and realizing you wanted to make them.

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