Disconnect & create

Hours a melting into days. Days are flying by and before I know it a month has come and went. Lately to try and just slow down a bit the TV has been put away, the phone is turned off, internet is used sparingly and we just create.

I have an art gallery walk coming up in less then 2 weeks (eek!) so a lot more creating has been going on, painting and sewing and creative thinking non-stop. Leila has joined in lately (more on that later I promise).

And within the mess some great pieces are beginning to emerge(at least I think so).


Susan Petersen said...

oh, I can't even wait to see what you have come up with. I have a show in 3 weeks too. I know that feeling of trying to get everything done. Almost like cramming for finals in college. Good luck, I hope you get everything done that you want to get done.

UPrinting said...

Love those colors! So refreshing and lively. Good luck with your art gallery walk, hope you get everything done on time :)

daintydaisies said...

I am sooo excited to see what you bring! I have been talking you up all week! :) See you next Saturday!

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