Clouds have lifted


The best way to improve my mood I guess it cut off all my hair! Last night I got a brand new cut and highlights. And even if I hated the hair cut (which I dont I LOVE IT!) I got to donate 10" of hair to locks of love, so that in itself was completely worth it!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone, and ENJOY!


daintydaisies said...

Your hair looks adorable! I am TRYING to grow my hair out! (your new do is making me want to chop mine off :) I can't wait to see you in August.. it will be a fun night! Happy 4th to you and your family!

sulu-design said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mood has lifted. The new 'do is adorable, and I'm sure it feels good in the summer heat. Happy 4th!

erica said...

looks great!

kayla_d said...

It looks great, and when you make a donation you know you did the right thing!

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