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When I first started this blog it was about my adventure into momma hood. My creative endeavors changed as time went on but a constant was life with the kiddos and apparently my complaining of vacuuming, dishes and laundry *smile*. A few nights ago I went through a few years of my blog. And what I realized was this was my "baby book" of sorts for my kids it documented their lives and lately that has pretty much stopped thanks to my updating on Facebook, only problem with that... I can't go back on my timeline and read all my posts. I want my kids to be able to read about their childhood easily so I made a decision my blog is still going to be about my art but its going to be much more about my adventures in momma hood again I hope you all stick around (you are still here right?) as I go back to my "roots" so to speak!


Anonymous said...

I love Instagram for the same reason. I enjoy looking back through those moments that I captured in my life and seeing pics of my friends and family makes me smile!

(I came over from Kim Geiser's FB)
Christine Barker

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