A curve down the path

Life has been rolling around here lately, it has really been paint central as I have been prepping and going to different indie craft shows this holiday season. While I love my girls and their whimsy I have been having this tug that maybe it is time to get a little bit more technical with my paintings. I had asked a few months ago on my fan facebook page what art people are drawn to and an overwhelming response was nature. So I gave it a go but nothing was clicking until a crafty friend of mine posted this picture on her facebook wall:

(Photo by: Vanessa of Baily Belle she is an amazing accessories designer and hurry she is having a great sale on her etsy shop through tomorrow!) 

 Everything about this photo spoke to me the colors the feel just everything and the spark was found. Around this time I had learned a new technique (for me not in the world of art) with wet paint and plastic wrap. I was ready to play and push myself out of my comfort zone. And this is what appeared:

And since then I havent been able to stop painting birch trees! I have a group of them that I plan to mix in with my girls at the upcoming Craftacular in Madison, WI on Dec 14 & 15th. And who knows next year at this time it will be more about nature and less about whimsy, we will have to see or maybe just maybe I will find my own way to combine the two! So there you go, still here, still painting, still growing. Hope you are too!

 (Want to see more art that I will have at the upcoming show? I created a pintrest board of sneak peeks feel free to take a look, and give me some feedback!)


sulu-design said...

Wow - I like this new direction! Have fun exploring nature in your paintings... I look forward to seeing more.

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