getting back in the groove

I dont know how many of you out there that read do craft shows. I only do a few a year but boy do they wipe me both physically & creatively!!!! I love them, otherwise I wouldnt do them but none the less when I get home from a show the last thing I want to do is paint. I dont look at my paint brushes for weeks, honest! Well my recovery from the craftacular was a lot quicker than normal (yay!)

Eyes everywhere

I am sure Ken hates then when he walks into our living space there are all these eyes staring at him (or spots that would be eyes) but I keep the art out so I can keep walking past it and tweaking it whenever I get a chance. So yay for painting. I am also using a new supply called PanPastels, can you say love?!?!!? More on that later.

What about you, what is your creative practice, get it in when you can, or set special time to create art, do tell I wanna know!


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