Thrifting luck?


I believe in karma and a little bit of luck. I hardly thrift anymore. More because I spent too much money while it was cool stuff frankly it wasnt anything I needed.

I have slowly started to go back every once and awhile and since well garage saleing was a bust this year it was high time I lucked out and found something amazing. Introducing my amazing. A pretty (old) pink stapler. Yep, it is like a third child to me, my heart is brimming with love what can I say.

Oh my, I may need help!


Mindy Kuen said...

Oh - my - goodness! It is beautiful.

What a find......makes me REALLY want to stop at my thrift on the way home!

Kelley BO said...

Love it!!

bethany said...

That is a fabulous, fabulous find! Vintage office supplies come by all to few...glad you snatched it up! :)

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