Hit n Miss


This has been the state of our lives lately. Spring cleaning has hit. (and yes those our Leila's Dinos taking up habitat in what was suppose to be for my craft supplies! Doesnt it look like a little apartment complex?) The bug has hit and hit hard.
Though looking at these dinos trapped in boxes I have been feeling that way lately. I cant wait for a little bit of warm weather to open the windows and feel like I can breathe again.

I also went back to work today. A month flew by WAY too fast.

I have a lot to say lately but the words wont come.
Soon I hope, I have missed it here.


misha said...

everything is going to be just fine, you are a beautiful person, i love how expressive you are in this blog. keep cleaning spring is on its way! remember that saying about march... in like a lion out like a lamb!

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